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How you can deliver higher quality Web applications, in less time

By Paul Boocock, Principal Consultant

Paul Boocock

What can I do for you?

My range of development skills and knowledge spanning the whole lifecycle means I can assist your project effectively from the ideas stage through to live running.  In particular I can do any or all of the following:

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How can I help you deliver better systems, faster?

By combining the latest technologies with the best architecture, design and development practices

My main strength is the breadth of my skills - I am equally at home working with end users to define their business requirements, designing a high-level technical architecture or solving a difficult Java coding problem.  I am also able to deal with most database and networking matters myself, and to work effectively with the specialists when I need to. I achieve successful deliveries by finding the right balance between keeping control and giving individual developers the space to do their best work. Agile techniques chosen to suit the team and the projects are usually the best way to do this.

How I use new ideas to help my clients

I am constantly looking for new ways to speed up system development, or to create more efficient and effective systems.  I spend a lot of time outside of my client projects developing tools of my own, or prototyping systems using new technologies, and I have been able to use the knowledge gained from these to help clients on many occasions.  My main interests at the moment are:

How did I get here?

I have over 20 years experience in system development, covering all parts of the lifecycle, in a wide variety of business areas. I started Ashridge Technologies in 1995 to provide software development services, using first C++ and then Java. Throughout that I time I have not only delivered successful projects for clients, but I have also continually searched for and developed my own innovative ways of creating better systems, faster.

Since early 2006, I have performed design and development on several leading-edge Agile projects, using advanced Ajax and automated testing techniques.

Between 2002 and 2005 I successfully led two significant long-term web application developments from the requirements stage to production.  Both of these had a number of unusual requirements for which I had to find solutions.  I used the latest Java and J2EE technologies where these could do what was needed, and innovations of my own where nothing suitable existed.

Before that I was involved in many other successful system development projects, using SQL since 1990, OO techniques since 1993 and Java since 1999.  I completed an MSc in Business Systems Analysis in 1991.

For more details, please see my Project History page.